Having spent years as the Event and Operations Director of a leading mobile marketing company involved in NASCAR and other racing series, Dick had many opportunities to identify special needs of the teams who provide exciting competition throughout the US and Canada.

In 1996, Dick was awarded a utility patent on his product known as LugFasts TM which are used to pre-attach lug nuts to the rims prior to use in the race. Consisting of a foam rubber washer with pressure sensitive adhesive on two sides, this simple but effective item has all but revolutionized the pre-race ordeal of attaching five lugs-nuts to as many as 40 individual wheels on race day. Prior to LugFasts, that process took two team members hours to accomplish and the failure rate, due to fluctuating temperatures, humidity and time between adhesion and actual use was unacceptable.

Because of LugFasts TM , teams can now choose when and how many tires they wish to attach lugs to prior to and during a race because weather conditions and/or time do not affect the LugFasts TM system. LugFasts TM attach the lug instantly requiring no curing period or stabilization or weighted plate to be used, as is the case with weather strip adhesives. Teams have been known to load up unused tires with LugFasts TM already attached to use them at following events due to the fact that LugFasts TM hold so securely and have no shelf-life issues to account for (they don't harden, loose strength or loosen regardless of temperature or time).

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