Design and Fabrication

Except for the production products manufactured by MarketPoint Productions, most of what is created and fabricated by the company are single or one-off items. Three or more of anything is unusual and that is just fine with Dick. He's always felt that the first one is exciting. The second one is tolerable. But the third unit of anything is a drag!

He once stopped fabricating 30 aluminum sign frames in the middle of the night to design and then completely fabricate a transport cart for the 30-frames just to brake the monotony. The cart was not ordered by the client and was simply given away along with the 30-frames that were ordered.

MarketPoint Productions receives requests from qualified design engineers as well as from individuals needing that new gadget, “they've been thinking about”. Request for design or production services arrive in all stages of existence. Some have completely detailed spec drawings while others are basic concepts drawn on a scrap of paper or just verbally explained. Some need design work and some don't, but for MarketPoint that is what keeps everyone stimulated and excited about their involvement.

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