Presentation Models

If accompanying RFP's with illustrations are an advantage as mentioned earlier, then the creation of custom built scale models of a programs' component parts is the ultimate in attracting attention to ones ability to fulfill a clients' objectives.

Seldom in our experience has one of our clients lost the opportunity to provide and operate corporate mobile marketing programs when they have taken that extra step of commissioning a scale model to accompany their more traditional presentation materials.

MarketPoint Productions' approach to models is based first in our understanding of what can realistically be achieved in the ultimate vehicle. Secondly, in our understanding of exhibit logistics (set-up and strike) and traffic flow considerations and thirdly in our creative approach toward “inventing” new, interesting and informative activities throughout the exhibit while being mindful of the sponsors' stated purpose(s).

By their very nature presentation models are interactive. They allow your client to move around and examine your proposal in a real and active way. Prospects become involved. When provided with something that is real, 3-dimentional and easily understood prospects usually respond in a positive manner. In most cases they begin to make constructive observations, offer suggestions and express previously unknown objectives they may have held back from you and other presenters.

Once this process begins you have effectively moved the prospect from being a passive receiver of information to that of being an active participant in your presentation. That signals a BUY IN, the most important thing you can achieve during a presentation!

MarketPoint Productions will graciously leave presentations to you, however, we can effectively augment your efforts with a detailed model of an exhibit, activity, kiosk or other unique structure you wish to propose. Please click below for examples.
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